Possible impossibilities

I’m a Mexicolic. I have dragged too many friends to too many Mexican restaurants in every city I visit. Extra points go to my gorgeous friend and colleague Thomas who indulges my lunchtime Mexicali (cheap & cheerful Soho café) cravings more often than he should. Thomas probably hates beans (a Mexican food staple) more than I detest chewing gum!

Its Cinco de Mayo – how could I not eat Mexican today?

I’m really excited about this one! Taquería is a taco café that opened in London’s Westbourne Grove in 2005. I’ve wanted to dine here ever since I moved into the area almost a year ago. I’ve planned this meal all week: memorised the menu, trawled online customer reviews, planned my work so I can leave at 6 sharp and get to the restaurant before rush hour (they don’t take reservations). But… Murphy’s Law and all that, I don’t get to Taquería until 8.00pm. The wait is over an hour.

I start walking home, seriously contemplating bringing out my Old El Paso Fajita Dinner Kit and look! the Universe sent me Loco Mexicano. It doesn’t get cheesier than this (pun absolutely intended). It is loud, garish and decorated in colours of the Mexican flag – lovely! The frozen margherita (£4.95) is perfect and the tortilla chips ooze just the right amount of cheese I’ve come to demand of my Nachos (£4.50).

It all went downhill from there. The spicy chicken enchilada is awful and the churros not worth more than this mention. If I was here with a friend we would have made faces at the food, probably sent something back and come away from this dinner disappointed with a wasted night out. But, I am here on my own. And even though gastronomically this evening was a total disaster I am sure that when I look back I will only remember the cheeky bartender, the smiley waitress and the massive sombreros they offered all diners. I won’t remember looking around self-consciously, nor will I remember missing someone to linger over a second drink with. This is still difficult, but not impossible. As Mandela once said, “It always seems impossible until its done”. So as a special request to my lovely single girlfriends MW and BB, who as far as I know have never had a dinner out alone (hotel restaurant on a work trip doesn’t count), go on –  this is definitely not impossible.



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4 responses to “Possible impossibilities

  1. Padmini

    I can’t bear Mexican, but if it helped you get over that bridge, I’ll live with it!

  2. Grishma

    How freaky is this one?I was just craving Mexican food this morning and decided to make some tonight as Bombay has no good Mexican restaurant!

  3. Sandy

    You should try Del Taco’s fish taco and chicken del taco carbon. They are cheap and good. Better than Pinche Taqueria, Toloache or Old Mexico.

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