Have you ever flown business class? Remember what that’s like? The last time I flew business was when I got a free upgrade on the London-Bombay Jet flight. Free flowing Dom Perignon, a meal that didn’t reek of airplane food, noise cancelling headsets, flatbed… It’s just mean when you have to fly economy after that.

After my recent spate of economy class meals, it was time once again for business class comfort (food). So this Table for ONE was prepared in my kitchen, with a little help from one of my favourite recipe book crushes Ravinder Bhogal (author of Cook in Boots). I chose scallops with a champagne butter sauce. 25 minutes later I had before me six gorgeous pearls glistening in a very sexy sauce. Nothing economy class about this meal.

And is a meal on your own at home easier? Au contraire. Here in my living room I have no menus to hide behind, nor waiters to distract me. So even though I had no plans on blogging this meal, I had to. To distract myself from waiting for the doorbell to ring.

I’m still amazed at the encouragement this blog has generated. I started it as personal therapy. Now I realise that the blog has also served a greater purpose – it seems to have reassured my loved ones that I’m doing okay. With every joke their smiles widened. Another post meant I was well on my road to recovery. It also came to happen that I wasn’t allowed to have a bad day. So even the hint of a sad song leads to:

  • You are a strong girl.
  • Being single is grossly underrated.
  • Hang in there. It gets better.
  • He didn’t deserve you. Don’t waste your tears on him.
  • These things happen.
  • Everything happens for a reason.

While all these things may indeed be true, and they reassure you, they don’t help me. They don’t help me forget that the Ex made my life better, brighter. And even though you would love him to be the villain in my story, he’s not a bad man, and your reassurances don’t help me forget that.



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6 responses to “Reassurances

  1. Grishma

    Love this one………and now I look forward to what is next on your MENU!

  2. i love that you are blogging. i love your blog. made me think about the difference between ‘economy’ and ‘business class’ if it could be applied to relationships 😉

  3. Sandy

    If i ever start a newspaper/magazine – you are hired as the Editor for sure! You write so well!

  4. Elie

    I think you’re doing great Pooja!

  5. renu

    hey! sorry im catching up today after last week. wow! this blog is becoming better by the day! very impressed! ur the first blog im following… do what u have to dont care abt anything else.. whatever works for you…do that!

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