Joseph Leonard. A fly on the wall of life

I’m in a room bright with candle light, with

The girl who let two men flirt over her

The girl who left her man to smoke

The girl who tried (in vain) to kiss the boy she brought along

The one who had her heart broke

The boy who didn’t let the girl kiss him

The one who spoke to me like I was the only girl in the world

The boy who was gay but didn’t know it yet

The boy the girl left cold

 The bartender who just moved to New York from Paris

The one who made me a drink off the list

The waitress who brought me the dessert menu

The chefs that drank beer at the end of their shift

I’m in a room filled with mirrors

A room bright with candle light

The room has old photos on every wall

This room… I could spend my entire night.

I’m at Joseph Leonard in New York’s West Village. A neighbourhood restaurant that will make you want to move to this neighbourhood, just so you can call it your own. I drank ( Rye Not cocktail with rye, tamarind tea, fresh lemon, bitters at $12) and ate (mussels special in Thai green curry at $14 and ricotta fritters at $7). But also… I lived a little.


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5 responses to “Joseph Leonard. A fly on the wall of life

  1. jai

    ahhh, you have found my lovely ‘local’ favourite place….

  2. RS

    That is sooo cool PV!

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