About me

Love chaat, whisky & all things SRK. Londoner by day, Bombay girl at heart & recipe hunting at all times.


Grateful thanks to ace photographer Ming Tang-Evans for my cover photo. And to Dishoom for allowing us to shoot in their stunning Shoreditch restaurant.

8 responses to “About me

  1. Grishma

    Super you are my favourite author in the making!

  2. dinesh raheja

    Pooja, your writing is so much fun. It has just the right dash of humour and is invigoratingly informative. And you make food sound so desirable. Enjoyed reading your write ups. Dinesh Raheja

  3. pavni nadella

    never got around to reading your blog before. Apologies !!
    But it s great . Love the way you write. Simple and appealing to sensibilities. Keep at it Girl !!

  4. Shalini Parekh

    Pooja, My belly feels like jelly reading about your yummy musings…..remembered you and the divine pictures in Goa. Girl you are gifted, cherish your gifts…..I am wowed!!

  5. NIce blog. Your sister recommended. 🙂 blog pic is impressive.



  6. meena

    love it pooja. magical!!!!

  7. I liked that article about valentines day. The quote from Jiddu you picked was amazing.

  8. Ranji

    Hi Pooja!
    Your blogs make me hungry! Terrific coverage! Keep it up!
    Hugs from Mattoon!

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